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The first installment

Published: Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to the first installment from the Burns Nutritionists!

Our aim for this blog is to give you an insight into our jobs and the advice we give on a daily basis.

There are five humans and two gerbils in the nutrition department at Burns!  I’ll start by introducing myself:

I’m Fiona and I’ve worked as a nutritionist at Burns for over 9 years now after leaving Swansea University with a degree in Zoology. Over the last few years I have also gained qualifications in nutrition and canine massage. I have a 7 year old Collie X, a cat and 4 rescue rabbits.

You will hopefully get to know the other nutritionists too through our regular blogs.

This week I had call about a Westie whose fur had started to turn pink after a change to Burns. This is something we have come across before and we believe it is the body eliminating waste – from the previous diet  i.e. the body is going through a detox. This reminds me of a letter one of our previous nutritionists wrote in 2002:

 ‘A year ago I took on a 9 year old Springer Spaniel who had been fed on cheap dog food and was exercised very little, so he was fat, unfit and had a greasy coat. I switched his diet to Burns and gradually increased his exercise. After changing his diet his chest feet and hair turned pink but he had no skin irritation. After four months the pink hair started to grow out and was replaced by a silky, white coat.’

Rebecca Harrison, Burns Nutritionist, Letter printed in Your Dog in response to ‘His chest has turned pink’, August 2002.

If your dog has pink fur but is also scratching itself then this can be something a little different. The first thing we would suggest is to check the feeding amounts as excess food (even Burns) can result in a waste build up.

If your dog suffers from this problem or any others please do not hesitate to ring our free helpline 0800 083 66 96 or e-mail info@burnspet.co.uk

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