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Black Adders Flyball Team

In November 2015, Burns began sponsoring Black Adders - a British Flyball Association (BFA) registered team, based around Neath-Port Talbot. They travel all over the country to compete in BFA sanctioned competitions.

Team Captain Alistair Kirk explains, "Four of us had been flyballing at another club for a while, but we wanted to train differently, and had differing aims to the rest of that club. So with encouragement from our BFA Regional Rep Rachel  Brown, we plucked up the courage to start our own team.

When we started in April 2014, we had four of us with one experienced dog and three novices. We now have nearly 20 members and 30 dogs! Next year we’re aiming to field 2 divisional teams and one team of starters (beginners), with lots of puppies and other dogs not quite ready for competition yet.

Last year we competed in competitions as far afield as Cheshire and Derbyshire, and we even competed in the BFA National Championships, a fantastic achievement for a new team like ours! 

Our fastest time to date is 18.54 seconds which puts us just outside of the top 150 fastest teams in the UK at the moment (151!). The aim for next year is to break into the 17s, and with the sponsorship from Burns, we’re going to be able to buy more equipment and hopefully that will help us get there!"