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Baby mobility with dogs around

Published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My life has become one where I continually follow Huey around- often crawling at his level so that I can see what destruction he is about to create next. This often helps as he has to navigate the house, the dogs and anything we are yet to realise could be an obstacle/danger to him that hasn’t yet been moved. Something we have always done is leave the bag of Burns food open in a corner in our kitchen and of course a bowl of water on the floor. Even though we have one very greedy dog he just knows that he has to be given his food in his bowl and never attempts to get it out of the bag- very bizarre I know. I naïvely hadn’t considered how much fun these could be to a baby. A water bowl is clearly actually a small paddling pool for a teddy bear (and any other toy available to hand) and a sack of food is actually a tent to try and get into with surprise treats to eat inside. Thankfully though, the Burns food is made with natural human grade ingredients and so if one or two get eaten in the kitchen exploring expedition, its nothing to worry about.

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