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Aren’t dog and baby toys just the same anyway?

Published: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby toys and dog toys are often far too similar. Huey and the dogs will spend hours of the day eyeing up each others toys. Huey desperately wants the mangled, chewed up teddy bear with the lop sided head and stuffing falling out, whereas Hugo wants the smooth rubber giraffe teething toy. Since Huey has been able to use his grip a little more, he has learned that this giraffe makes a squeak noise if it is squeezed. This startled him a couple of times initially, and then seemingly like all toys that are designed for babies, he became bored of it…..until he realised that whenever it squeaks Hugo runs over to him! This clearly frustrates Hugo as he really wants the toy. Luckily he already knows the difference between his own and baby toys and doesn’t take it once he realises it’s not one of his. However, he will check to see what it is every time it squeaks, much to the great amusement of Huey.

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